Digitalization, including the integration of networking capabilities into physical products and production lines, has entered various industries and application fields by now. Terms like »Internet of Things«, »Industrie 4.0«, »The Industrial Internet« or »Smart Data« are no longer just buzzwords but are applied by various companies. Vast quantities of data are generated daily and offer new potentials for better decision making or potentially disruptive digital business models. Various industries and markets have a high potential for smart products, production, services and business processes getting even 'smarter' through advanced data analytics.

In the consortium project we aim to get answers to these and many other questions:

  • How do companies cope with these new and challenging technologies?
  • How is value created to your business through advanced data analytics and which platform and tools should you choose for your company and application?
  • What will be the lead application that will drive data analytics technologies in particular segments?
  • Which related products, services and data providers will define the future ecosystem of your products and services?



Creating economic and technological transparency regarding actual developments and upcoming technology trends

Exploring and analyzing market and technology trends and possible game-changing digital business models and experience data analytics tools in practice

Promoting valuable exchange and networking between the most relevant international industry partners and experts


  • Learn how to leverage data to create value to your business
  • Understand and shape the roadmap of upcoming data analytics applications in your industry
  • Discover the technical challenges for the application of advanced analytics and find out how to cope with them
  • Get to know digital business models enabled by data analytics
  • Experience data analytics tools in selected use cases
  • Network with cross-industrial players and experts