In the consortium project we will provide you a detailed onverview on all trends and technologies for Printed Electronics and give you full technological and economic transparency on relevant business cases. We aim to get answers to these and many other questions:

  • Can conventional 2D & 2.5D processes be complemented or even substituted by Additive Manufacturing?
  • If so, which products and applications will be replaced and to what extent?
  • What kind of products can leverage the full potential of this technology?
  • Which processes and additional services can benefit from Printed Electronics?


Creating economic and technological transparency regarding current performance and future developments of Printed Electronics technologies

Exploring and analyzing market and technology trends and possible game-changing business models

Promoting valuable exchange and networking between the most relevant international industry partners


  • Define your roadmap and strategy within a highly dynamic technology field, which enables game-changing new products and services
  • Explore the risks and chances this technology offers to your existing business
  • Learn about the ways to implement mature and new smart solutions by receiving deep technological insight
  • Gain complete overview on all existing Printed Electronics technologies and materials
  • Understand technological potentials and constraints within the most relevant target markets
  • Discover the innovation patterns behind Printed Electronics for products and production processes
  • Network with cross-industrial players and experts and stay in contact using the platform