Key Questions


Smart Services

  • What game-changing business models will affect the markets?
  • How can the relation between supplier and customer be designed?

Smart Assets

  • What 'smart' functionalities will differentiate future production assets?
  • How can networked production assets lead to higher integrity and availability?

Smart Production

  • What potential does smart manufacturing offer in different industries?
  • How can process and quality control be improved?

Applications and enabler - expemplary key questions

Technology / Enabler

Smart i/o Devices

  • Which sensors can be integrated into process manufacturing?
  • How can HMI be used to improve data recognition and utilization?

Smart Data

  • Which data access platforms and data analysis will be important?
  • How can big data be analyzed to gain efficiency and asset utilization?

Smart Networks

  • Which infrastructure standards will become ubiquitous?
  • How can heterogeneous autonomous devices securely interact?