Key Questions


Smart Services

  • What game-changing business models will affect the markets?
  • How can new interfaces between residents, service providers and authorities lead to innovative business models?

Smart Products

  • Which »smart« functionalities will differentiate products?
  • Which smart products lead to new services and cost savings in an urban environment?


Smart Systems

  • Which systems can be improved by smart technologies?
  • Which positive impact on efficiency can be generated?
  • How do smart systems improve lifestyle and business attractiveness?
Applications and elabler - exemplary key questions

Enabling Technology

Smart Actuators & Sensors

  • Which sensors can be integrated into a smart city environment at competitive prices?
  • How can collected data be leveraged for added customer value?

Smart Data

  • Which data access platforms and analysis technologies will be important?
  • Which steps are necessary to secure sensitive data?


Smart Networks

  • Which communication standards will become ubiquitous?
  • How can heterogeneous autonomous devices securely interact?