Digitalization, including the integration of networking capabilities into physical products, is no longer just affecting the consumer electronics industry. Terms like »Internet of Things«, »Smart Infrastructure«, »Smart City« or »Smart Mobility« are just examples for the diversity of buzzwords that are used. But what do these buzzwords mean for companies and cities, particularly regarding their product portfolio and their offered services?

In the consortium project we aim to get answers to these and many other questions:

  • What will be the lead applications driven by smart technologies in particular segments?
  • Which markets and applications will be the next to profit from – and potentially be disrupted by – innovative smart products and smart systems?
  • Which technologies are needed to be competitive in the smart future?
  • What would be the cost-benefit ratio of being an early adopter?
  • What could be beneficial smart products, infrastructure systems and services for my company?


Creating economic and technological transparency regarding current and future potential of smart products, systems and services

Exploring and analyzing market and technology trends and possible game-changing business models

Promoting valuable exchange and networking between the most relevant industry partners and ambitious cities


  • Be able to define the roadmap to your smart city and its infrastructure, enable your products or the related services for the smart future
  • Receive a broad overview of smart applications in the context of cities and their infrastructure
  • Know the enabling smart technologies
  • Assess the possible added values based on digitalization and data analytics
  • Learn how to apply new services and business models
  • Network with cross-industrial players and experts