Key Questions

Market / Application

Smart Services

  • What game-changing new services get feasible by the evaluated solutions & technologies?
  • Is it possible to implement new business models?

Smart Products

  • Which »smart« functionalities will differentiate my products?
  • How can networked products lead to after-sales revenues and improved product life-cycle management? 

Smart Production Processes

  • Which potential does smart manufacturing offer in different industries?
  • How can the quality and cost efficiency be improved?

Applications and Enabler of Industrie 4.0

Technology / Enabler

Sensor & Actuators

  • Which sensors can be integrated into mass production at competitive prices?
  • How can augmented reality be used to improve data recognition and utilization?

Data Analytics & Management

  • Which data access platforms and analysis technologies are important?
  • How can big data be analyzed and used to minimize the outcome?

Protocols & Networks

  • Which standards and protocols will become ubiquitous?
  • How can heterogeneous autonomous devices securely interact to address market demands?